Marvin McQuitty Jr is a big part of the reason I started playing the drums. Watching the  ‘Pages Of Life’ live video by Fred Hammond changed my world & from then on I would listen to every record he played on & try my hardest to learn every chop.

What really impacted me though, was when a young boy (me) in 2002 had the opportunity to serve Marvin & be his drum tech for a run of UK shows. Gospel’s most prolific drummer of that time took time to speak into my life, encourage me & even give me sticks/spare heads etc & the icing on the cake was when he watched me play for the support act & gave me tips on how to improve my playing. Coming from my favourite drummer all of this meant the world to me. 

From 2002-2012 when Marvin would come to the UK we would meet up & converse via email where he would always encourage me about the things of God, life/family/relationships & then drums… He really helped me to see that there’s more to life than drums & that while I could worship on/via the drums; it wasn’t tied to it. One of the things he said to me most from the first day i met him until he passed away was “Stay in His (God’s) face!”

The Rhythm of Life from The McQuitty Foundation on Vimeo.

Marvin continued to encourage me up until his passing away & throughout the 10 years I knew him, he continually sowed in encouragement, gear, tips, life counsel & more & for that i’ll be eternally grateful.

His mentorship & friendship in that period of my life impacted me in so many ways. I remember & honour Marvin’s legacy every time a musician young or old asks me for advice/tips etc (even though I’m nowhere near the musician or man that he was & achievements don’t even scratch the surface of his) & do my best to have some kind of seed to sow into them.

A documentary-style film has been made titled #TheRhythmOfLife by the people closest to Marvin & it will be inspirational to all whether you’re a musician or not. If you’ve been impacted by Marvin, support the cause… Even if you’ve never heard of him, trust me it will be worth watching. Pre-Order/Buy your digital download HERE!!!

“Uncle Marv” would’ve been 50 today. R.I.P – Happy Birthday.

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