At the end of May (2017) I teamed up with Trinity College London on their Rock & Pop Syllabus. I worked with the fantastic team from Trinity College London on demonstrating some of the syllabus on their ‘Rock & Pop” 2018 course.

Music Education is important to me! So many schools are cutting their music programs and music education is becoming a thing of the past and it’s heartbreaking to see. Even though I was never formally taught how to play the drums, I see the value in going through the grade system and learning the theory side of music. So, when I was approached by Trinity College London to be involved, I jumped at the opportunity to offer my experience and hopefully inspire the next generation of musicians and those hoping to make a career out of their talent.

Trinity College London are doing an excellent job with providing music education, but what I loved the most about my time with the team members was how passionate they were about music, their students and keeping music education fun, inspirational and aspirational… #MyKindOfPeople

Here is the promotional video for the 2018 Trinity Music College Rock & Pop Syllabus.

Find out more about what Trinity College London have to offer by visiting

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