How I Educate:

As an experienced musician, I have gained practical, on the job experience touring in various parts of the world that you can only get from gigging professionally. Now I want to share that (practical/useable) information with people who want to learn, become better musicians and give themselves a better shot at making it as a musician in a cut throat music industry.

Drumming / Hybrid Drumming

After being called on by friends and younger musicians for advice on everything from audition preparation and hybrid drumming/triggering to tuning methods and getting comfortable with click tracks, to (of course) drumming itself, I realised that there are more musicians that could benefit from my experience and practical/usable tips and tricks that I can share and help them improve their overall musicianship whether i deliver one wholesome lesson/session or a series of them over a course of time.

School / College / University

I can deliver inspirational/motivational talks and Q&A sessions with aspiring musicians in your school on pathways into the music industry, varying job roles and opportunities, life skills, character traits, what self employment really means, the pros and cons of a formal musical education and other useful information that will put the dreams and aspirations of musicians into context and inspire them to chase their dreams. I can also deliver demonstrations/workshops where I play the drums and talk through my approach the drums and musical directing (in a professional capacity) giving students an up close and personal experience that they can learn from.

MD’ing | Arranging | Backing Tracks

Over the last few years, I’ve been growing into the role of a MD (Musical Director). Growing in this role has taught me a lot about the treatment of songs in a live context. Whether you are the MD for your church, your band/group or have been called on to take a leadership role in the band working for a professional artist working in the music business, I can help you learn how to take produced songs and give them the right treatment for a live show. I can show you different methods and ways of incorporating backing tracks into your live set and provide solutions based on your requirements and budget.

How Much Does It Cost?

As I'm not offering the standard Grade School tuition, but rather a bespoke lesson/session (or series of them - which don't all involve drumming), every price will be tailored to the needs/requirements of the customer.

Prices will start at £25 per hour (for private lessons/sessions) depending on distance. For a free consultation or to book your lesson(s)/session(s) contact me on

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