Lotto Boyz

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Lotto Boyzz

Role: Musical Director / Programmer

I was brought in to MD (Musical Direct) the live show for Birmingham based rappers Lotto Boyzz who released their debut collaborative Mix-Tape, ‘2 Paths. 1 Dream’ under the name A.S.H & Lucas.

For this project I didn’t play, I put a 4-piece band together (drums, bass, keys, guitar). As most of the songs were covers, getting stems for the programming was hard so I had to build stems from scratch. I created live arrangements for the songs and then rehearsed the band. Once the band was ready I brought the Lotto Boyz in and did a production rehearsal with them.

I put the set list together and helped the Lotto Boyzz pick what songs to perform live, from the Mix-Tape and the order that they would come in to create an energetic, free-flowing set.

About Lotto Boyzz:

Country: UK

Label: Unsigned

Genre: Urban / Rap / Afro-Beats