Sarsha Simone

Artists I've Worked With

Role: Musical Director / Band Fixer

Sarsha Simone was planning to come to the UK for some shows, media opportunities and meetings and so her manager reached out to me to help put together a set. I worked with them creating a budget and also making sure the songs were delivered in the right way and that the right personnel were brought in to offer the right sound and vibe.


About Sarsha Simone:

Country: Australia

Label: Unsigned

Genre: R&B / Soul / Pop

Blessed with a unique vocal tone that has the ability to cut through the cold and embed itself in the listener’s soul, Sarsha Simone is an exciting artist who is putting an avant­-garde twist on music rooted in Soul, Hip Hop & R&B. Smoking hot international collaborations with Frances 20syl on the captivating “Gonna Do Me (20syl Remix)”, Juno Award winning producer Muneshine, MC’s Ty & Rashaan Ahmad as well as rising Australian Hip Hop star Citizen Kay have ignited interest in & put the spotlight firmly on the enigmatic chanteuse in recent times.

Equipped with new music & gutsy lyrical content that will shed light on exactly who the striking woman is behind the ballsy voice, Sarsha Simone is now ready to deliver her Vaughan meets West style and sound to the world.