Scott Quinn

Artists I've Worked With

Role: Musical Director / Programmer / Drummer

I was called in to be a part of this project by Scott’s manager who i worked with on a previous project and asked to work on building Scott’s first headline show at Camden Assembly. I was brought in to be

About Scott Quinn:

Country: UK

Label: Mahogany Records

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Scott Quinn is one of those people who simply lives and breathes music. It’s in every facet of his existence, and always has been – right from those first moments as a child, when he was drawn towards the family turntable. “It’s always been in my life, whether I was listening or playing,” he explains. “ I was always encouraged. If we were ever interested in anything then we were supported in it, and music was just one of them.”

The latest single, ‘From Afar’ positions Quinn, a multi-instrumentalist, next to the likes of contemporary R&B’s bright new hops like Leo Kalyan, SYML and KNIGHTSTOWN and marks a fresh chapter in his songwriting evolution. The smooth groove dives deep on emotion and is a reflective cut with a soulful edge.