Paije Richardson

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Paije RichardsonRole: Drummer/Cajon Player/Percussion

When I first started working with Paije Richardson his live set was put together it was an acoustic set. I was playing the Cajon and we stripped back some of his songs and some covers for a chilled out, soulful vibe.

Later, the project grew and for Paije’s headline show, it developed into a full live band set up. My approach was to keep things lively and organic driving the music and being expressive so it really felt like a live show.

About Paije Richardson:

Country: UK

Label: Unsigned

Genre: R&B / Soul

Paije Richardson is known for his appearance on The X Factor (series 7) where he was mentored by Danni Minogue and was brought back as her “Wild Card” eventually finishing 7th on the show.

Paije is also known for his acting roles where he can be seen acting as a Hogwarts student/Dumbledore’s Army in sever Harry Potter films. Paije also made an appearance on ITV’s hit show Stars In Their Eyes in his earlier years.

Now, Paije is working on material and doing live shows and showcases and recently featured on a single by Phil Simmonds titled ‘Touch The Sun’.