Matt Wills

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Matt Wills

Role: Musical Director/Electro-Drummer/Programmer

I was brought in by Matt’s management, Sam Bush to add a new element and dynamic to Matt’s live shows. Matt has been performing with just him and his acoustic guitar but the management wanted to incorporate the drum patterns and samples from Matt’s songs to give a fuller sound and reproduce the produced sounds live. To achieve this i got samples used on Matt’s songs created drum patterns to suit the live performance of his songs while staying true to the feel and dynamic of the record. I also triggered off live music parts to create a fuller sound that was more authentic and true to the record.

About Matt Wills:

Country: UK

Label: Virgin/EMI

Genre: Acoustic / Electro / Pop

Matt Wills has been penning his own material since the age of 13. The 19 year old Singer-Songwriter has been living in London for the past three years pursuing music; having grown up in Tenterden, Kent where he grew up listening to the likes of David Bowie with his family.

Wills is a soulful chap with bonafide popstar looks to match. Currently writing his debut EP, he takes inspiration from a wide range of acts. “Growing up, hip hop was a big influence, the way they use beats. Jamie T, the way his songs were so simple chord wise but were so good.” Having been in bands, he taught himself guitar so that he wouldn’t have to rely on others to create music.