Jnr Williams

Artists I've Worked With

Role: Musical Director

Having Previously worked with Machine Management on the Rejji Snow project with my company 87 Music, I was called in to work on the Jnr Williams live project early 2019. Jnr is at the beginning of his journey in terms of releasing music and also doing live shows and it’s a pleasure to bring his shows to life.

As the MD for this project is was my job (via 87 Music) to audition band members and singers and select the right people to be a part of the team.

The live set up is initially unconventional so it took some time to get it right but it really works. 87 Music provided an In Ear Monitor system for rehearsals, playback system, and i undertook all of the programming and live arrangements.


  • Alex Lanyon: Keys – Guitar – Bass – Vocals – Drum Pads
  • Liz Lubega: Backing Vocals
  • Patrice Copeland: Backing Vocals

Jnr Williams’ music is great and full of soul. Be sure to look out for more from him in the near future.