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Role: Musical Director/Drummer/Programmer

I got the call from Vanquish’s management to put a band together for some introductory shows that they had coming up. I sourced the band (drums, bass, guitar, keys) using the brief given by management and agreed the budget for the project. I arranged the songs given for stripped back shows to create a sound that was true to the recorded versions of the songs but not overpowering, allowing the girls vocals and the melodies of the songs to take centre stage and showcase the quality of their music.

Working with Vanquish has also led me to arrange a TV edit version of their song ‘Bailando’ for the girls to sing on a TV performance/interview.

About Vanquish:

Country: UK

Label: Non Stop Records

Genre: Pop

Sophia, Lucy & Becky are Vanquish, three bright, independent, funny and talented young girls from across the UK. Their edgy Pop sound is unbelievably catchy and effortlessly cool with tracks written with some of the world’s top writers and production outfits, ensuring that Vanquish are setting the benchmark for the new era of girl band Pop.

Having spent the last 8 months touring venues and events across the UK, Vanquish have worked with some of the biggest names in Pop including The Wanted, Amelia Lily, Rachel Adedeji, Blue, Loveable Rogues and supported Rebecca Ferguson and M.A.D on their recent UK tours.

With performances featuring tight RnB Pop harmonies, energetic choreography and in-your-face, no-nonsense attitude, Vanquish have built up a hugely loyal and devoted fan base around the world proving that great British Pop tracks speak an international language no matter where you live.

So pump up the volume to the MAX and prepare to get Vanquished.