In January 2015 I had the privilege of working with Meghan Trainor (‘All About That Bass’). I was originally only called in to play with Meghan on her BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge appearance but after rehearsing with her, she was “feeling my vibe” and asked for me to do further dates on her UK promo tour where as well as Live Lounge saw the Grammy nominated artist perform on ITV’s This Morning, and also Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2.

One of the dates was a “Spotify Session”. For the session Meghan performed live with Jon Sosin (USA Session Musician) and myself for the Spotify staff and the performance was recorded to create an exclusive ‘Meghan Trainor Spotify Sessions’ EP.

I must admit, my cajon is pretty low in the mix. Maybe the mix engineer has a thing against cajon’s (lol) but either way i am proud to be a part of this project and hope to do more more recording whether that be live or in the studio in the future.

You can find videos of me playing with Meghan in the Watch section on this website, audio recordings in the Listen section and pictures in thePhotos section.

If you’re a Spotify user, have a listen. 🙂

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