Rejjie Snow

Artists I've Worked With

Role: Musical Director

I was initially brought on board to add live musicians to Rejjie’s live set up for the Dear Annie tour 2018. Plans changed and this didn’t end up working but I worked with Rejjie on getting all of his tracks ready for the tour.

About Rejjie Snow:

Country: UK


Label: Atlantic Records / 300 Entertainment

Genre: Rap / Hip Hop

Rapper/vocalist/songwriter Rejjie Snow approaches his music from unconventional angles, implementing everything from disco rhythms to jazzy flourishes to psychedelically treated guitar samples in his smooth instrumentals. Snow had a slow and steady build to his catalog, focusing on one-off singles after the release of his 2018 studio debut Dear Annie.

The Moon & You

Rejjie Snow was born Alex Anyaegbunam in Dublin, Ireland in 1993. After a short stint at college in the United States, he returned to Dublin in 2012 intent on pursuing a career in music. In the summer of 2013, Kaya Kaya Records released Snow’s debut EP, Rejovich, highlighting his laid-back, RZA-indebted production and multifaceted lyrical delivery. The EP rose immediately to wide acclaim, quickly gathering online sales and attention. Over the next few years Snow’s catalog grew incrementally, with various singles and videos cropping up as more fans grew hungry for a full-length album from the young MC. In 2016, Snow signed to Atlantic Records subsidiary 300 Entertainment and promised that work was underway for a full-length album. Various singles and the mixtape The Moon & You were released in advance of Snow’s debut album, Dear Annie, which was heavy with themes of love and loss, and made multiple references to the famed musical Annie. Issued in three parts, the four-song Dear Annie, Vol. 1, arrived in January 2018. The next month Dear Annie arrived in full, featuring guest spots from Anna of the North, Dana Williams, and others. For the next few years Snow focused on releasing singles. The jazzy “Purple Tuesday” was released as a single in 2019 (despite having been previously included on The Moon & You two years earlier) with guest features from Jesse Boykins III and Joey Bada$$. In 2020 he released three new songs, “Cookie Chips,” “Mirrors,” and “Relax,” all of which streamed more than a million times. Snow released new song “Disco Pantz” in June of 2021, breaking out of his downtempo hip-hop mode a little to explore a driving dance beat and edgier production values.