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Role: Musical Director/Drummer/Programmer

I was brought in by ASHA’s management to be the Musical Director (MD) for ASHA as she was about to begin her journey, performing live with a band. For the first phase of ASHA’s live show, management wanted to go for drums (electronic/pads) and keys to start with. I set up an audition of various musicians with different backgrounds and management and ASHA decided who the felt would work best.

ASHA’s music is quite Urban and also, “produced” and management want to keep the the footprint of the band small and keep the sound of the songs very true to the record as we’d be doing a few showcases where it would be important for the songs to sound like the records.

I also worked with the keys player to recreate the sounds on the record and decided which parts for him to play live and which parts to leave on track.

As there is only 2 of us in the band, it was necessary to have backing tracks. I spent a lot of time going through parts and mixing it for live, getting a consistent and uniform sound for the whole set.

About ASHA:

Country: UK

Label: Feraltone

Genre: Urban/Electro/RnB

Brit School graduate ASHA has the soulful voice, the catwalk look, the depth in her songwriting and the lyrics that speak to her generation.  and when she doesn’t sing she teaches urban dance to the kids or professes in her own contemporary dance pieces.

Signed to Universal Publishing, she has spent all of 2014 locked away writing with a diverse range of producers and writers and is on her ascent to become one of the new BIG voices to look out for in 2015. Mark our words!