A few months back I got a call from a good friend of mine and phenomenal bass player, Dan Francis Owen asking me to collaborate on a feature for iBass Magazine, “The online destination for any serious bass fan.” 

Dan writes a regular piece for iBass Magazine titled “In The Style Of” which he accompanies with a video of him demonstrating how to play the bass “In The Style Of” whatever genre he’s chosen and also a lesson so budding bass players can learn how to play different styles.

iBass Magazine Dan Francis OwenDan’s May column was “In The Style Of… Shout Music,” and so to authentically recreate the sound of a “Shout,” enlisted the help of Daniel Brew (guitarist) and myself on drums. I recorded the drums, sent them over and then later heard the finished product which sounded pretty good. It’s great that technology means you don’t have to be in the same room to record on the same track. #LoveIt

If you’re a bassist, check it out and see if you can pick up any tips for playing “Shout Music”. This is also one of the rare occasions that I get to play some chops!iBass Magazine Dan Francis Owen


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